KRICHEVSKY Alexander Moiseevich

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KRICHEVSKY Alexander Moiseevich (1896 — 1956) — the Soviet dermatovenerologist, professor (1930).

KRICHEVSKY Alexander Moiseevich

Having ended in 1919 medical f-t Kiev un-that, worked as the intern Central dermo - venereologic policlinic in Kiev. Since 1924 the manager. department of dermatology of Ukrainian dermatovenerologic in-that; in 1937 — 1952 the director of it in-that. In 1930 he was elected the department chair of skin and venereal diseases Ying-that improvements of doctors in Kharkiv.

A. M. Krichevsky published apprx. 120 scientific works on questions of a dermatovenereology. He offered etiopatogenetichesky classification of a dermatosis, showed a role of a sensitization and viruses in a pathogeny and an etiology of some diseases of skin. In 1926 A. M. Krichevsky for the first time in the USSR received a strain of sarcoma of a rat (Krichevsky's strain — Sinelnikova). In 1939 it managed to perform immunoprevention of cancer of Brown — Pierce at rabbits. He entered a method of bipolar electrothermic coagulation of a carcinoma cutaneum into practice, developed and implemented a complex technique of fight against pyodermas on production, offered an original method of their penitsillinoimmunoterapiya. For the first time in the USSR A. M. Krichevsky in details described a disease of Reuters (the disease which is characterized by a triad of signs — polyarthritis, an urethritis and conjunctivitis), received a pilot model of this disease. It one of the first in the USSR applied radioactive phosphorus at treatment of a dermatosis.

A. M. Krichevsky was one of organizers and heads of fight against venereal and infectious skin diseases in Ukraine.

Works: The strain to sarcoma shchur_v, oderzhaniye v_ dprishcheplennya to a melanosarcoma of a lyudina, the Uke is newer. medich. arkh., t. 1, No. 2-3, page 12, 1927; The Role of a sensitization in a pathogeny of diseases of skin, Works of the 3rd Vsesoyuz, a congress on fight from veins. Bol., page 184, L., 1932; Prel1msharna etshlopchna y patogenetichna klasifshashchya dermatoz1v, Hartv, 1935; The Technique of the organization of fight against pyodermas on production, Kiev, 1937; Method of treatment of patients with pyodermas with intradermal injections of mix of small doses of penicillin and stafilovaktsina, Vestn, veins. and dermas., No. 1, page 20, 1954 (sovm, with other); Materials to an etiology, clinic and therapy of a so-called uretro-okulo-synovial syndrome, in the same place, No. 4, page 6 (sovm, with other).

Bibliography: The prof. A. M. Krichevsky (1896 — 1956), in book: Sovr. vopr, dermas. - veins., under the editorship of A. M. Krichevsky, page 7, Kharkiv, 1957.

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