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KRENIGA OF THE FIELD (G. Kronig, is mute. the doctor, 1856 — 1911) — symmetric sites of a clear percussion sound between a clavicle and an awn of a shovel. Width of each field at persons of a different constitution fluctuates from 3 to 8 cm. Because of lower standing of a top of the right lung the right field can be normal on 1 — 1,5 cm already left. Width To. the item characterizes degree of lightness of pulmonary tops.

To. items are defined only by silent percussion (see) from the middle of a trapezoid muscle consistently in the medial and lateral directions before emergence of the muffled tone designating internal or outside border of the field. Percuss at vertical position of a trunk and neck of inspected. Turns of the head during percussion, and also a muscle tension of a shoulder girdle and a neck can distort the sizes K. item. Narrowing To. the item or absence in their zone of a clear percussion sound confirms reduction of lightness of pulmonary tops that is observed at inflammatory infiltration, their fibrosis, apical fibrosis of a pleura (is more often owing to tuberculosis), at highly located pleural exudate, and also at a tumor or an atelectasis of an upper lung lobe.

Bilateral expansion K. the item is noted at diffusion emphysema of lungs, acute swelling of lungs during an attack of bronchial asthma. Unilateral expansion K. the item can be at local emphysema of an upper lung lobe, at pheumothorax. Noticeable difference in width right and left To. by the item it is sometimes connected with asymmetric development of a shoulder girdle.

Definition To. the item was of great importance at diagnosis of a pulmonary tuberculosis during a dorentgenovsky era. In sovr. the wedge, practice this research plays a supporting role, however did not lose the value. See also Lungs , Tuberculosis of a respiratory organs .

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V. P. Zhmurkin.