KLYuSS Ivan Aleksandrovich

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KLYuSS Ivan Aleksandrovich (1899 — 1948) — the figure of the Soviet military medicine, the doctor of medical sciences, professor. Lieutenant general of medical service. The member of the CPSU since 1918.

KLYuSS Ivan Aleksandrovich

In 1918 voluntarily joined the ranks of Red Army; the participant of civil war (held command positions in groups PSF (parts of special function) at suppression of an eserovsky mutiny in the Voronezh province and under Red and Ufa). After the termination VMA in 1927 worked in surgical clinic of the prof. V. A. Oppel. In 1930 — 1939 taught at department of field surgery of VMA. At the same time was at the leading work in Military and sanitary management of the Mongolian national army (1930 — 1932); was the chief adviser of medical service of Republican army of Spain (1937 — 1938). From 1939 to 1941 the head of department of field surgery of the Kuibyshev VMA was; during the Soviet-Finnish conflict (1940) heads a dignity. services of the 8th army. In the period of the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945 the chief a dignity. managements of the Karelian, then 3rd Ukrainian of fronts. In 1945 — 1946 the head a dignity. services of the Southern group of troops. In 1946 — 1948 the head of military department Leningrad pediatric in-that.

I. A. Klyuss published more than 25 scientific works devoted generally to questions of the organization of the surgical help to wounded in wartime and medical ensuring fighting of troops.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (two), Red Banners (two), Bogdan Hmelnitsky of I and II degree, Patriotic War of the I degree, the Red Star and medals, and also an award of the People's Republic of Bulgaria «For military merits» the 2nd degree.

Works: Organizational issues of military surgery in connection with modern requirements of military public health service, New hir. arkh., t. 32, book 3-4, page 573, 1934; Modern surgical equipment of stages of sanitary evacuation of the army area, Works of the 23rd Vsesoyuz, a congress of surgeons, page 257, M. — L., 1938 (sovm, with other); Organization of the surgical help in army of republican Spain, Vestn, hir., t. 58, No. 3, page 284, 1939; Surgical equipment of stages of evacuation, in book: Stage treatment of damages, under the editorship of A. G. Kyucharchants, page 30, M. — L., 1939.

A. V. Makhonin.