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The KHARKIV MEDICAL INSTITUTE — one of the oldest medical schools in the USSR.

It is founded in 1805 as medical f-t Kharkiv un-that. A number of departments at that time was a part f-that, on to-rykh the anatomy, physiology, forensic medicine, therapy, surgery, pharmacy, etc. were studied. Therapeutic and surgical clinics were created in 1814, obstetric — in 1829. In 1877 hospital clinics were open (therapeutic and surgical). In the second half 19 — the beginning of 20 century such outstanding scientists as D. F worked at medical faculty Kharkiv un-that. Lyambl, L. S. Tsenkovsky, I. P. Lazarevich, V. G. Lashkevich,

V. F. Grube, L. L. Girshman, I.P. Skvortsov, N. A. Hrzhonshchev-sky, V. K. of high-HIV, A. V. Reprev, I. V. Troitsky, V. P. Krylov, I. N. Obolensky, P. I. Shatilov, N. P. Trinkler, etc.

After Great October socialist revolution in 1920 medical the f-t combined with Women's medical in-volume and is turned into the Kharkiv medical academy reorganized in 1921 in Kharkiv medical by in-t. In X. m and. many new departments were created: in 1921 —

the Building of the Kharkiv medical institute.

department of orthopedics and traumatology; in 1922 — diseases of an ear, throat * a nose; microbiology; in 1923 — social hygiene; occupational health; tuberculosis; radiologies; inf. diseases; in 1925 — social and economic sciences; in 1930 — epidemiology; school hygiene; in 1933 — hygiene of food; utility hygiene; in 1934 — children's surgery; in 1935 — dialectic materialism and Leninism, etc. In 1923 at Monday - those the first opened among medical higher education institutions of Ukraine the worker of f-t.

In 1923 for training of specialists doctors in X. m and. on the fifth years the corresponding biases were entered: medical with therapeutic and surgical sections; sanitary and preventive with section of protection of motherhood and the childhood and sanitary and epidemiologic section. In 1930 in Kharkiv medical in-those were created treatment-and-prophylactic and sanitary and hygienic faculties, and also f-t of protection of motherhood and the childhood. Odontologichesky of f-t existing since 1921 was allocated in independent Dental to in-t. In 1936

the 2nd was organized Kharkiv medical in-t, the combined psychoneurological faculty of X. m and. and Kharkiv production medical the in-t created in 1931.

In 1941. Kharkiv medical by in-t it was evacuated to Orenburg. In 1943 the 1st and 2nd Kharkiv medical in-you were integrated. To the freed Kharkiv in-t returned in 1944.

In 1984 in X. m and. there were 61 departments. On four f-takh — medical, pediatric, sanitary and hygienic and dental in 1984 4872 students, including 460 foreign studied (their preparation is begun in 1951).

For the pre-revolutionary period of medical f-t Kharkiv un-that let out 5868 doctors. For years of the Soviet power of X. m and. prepared apprx. 34 thousand doctors, including apprx. 650 doctors from the countries of the socialist commonwealth and the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Among graduates of X. m and. — the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences V. K. Navrotsky, the academician of AN of USSR A. I. Yushchenko, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences A. A. Korzh, I. I. Merkulov, N. P. Novachenko, the member correspondent of AN of USSR M. I. Sitenko, etc.

to P rofessorsko-prepodavata of l with to and y structure totals more than 540 people, among them there is Hera of Socialist Work, a full member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, professor L. T. Malaya, the member correspondent of AN of USSR, professor V. I. Grishchenko (t. 25, additional materials), three zasl. scientist of USSR, two zasl. employee of the higher school of USSR, 43 doctors and 310 candidates of science.

During the Soviet period in X, m and. such outstanding scientists as V. of G1 worked. Vorobjev, V. Ya. Danilevsky,

And. N. Maher of lei, A. V. Melnikov, N. F. Melniksv-Razvedenkov,

A. V. Palladiya, E. A. Popov,

B. P. Protopopov, M. N. Solovyov,

A. I. S I rub k, G. V. Folbort, M. M. Tsekhnovitser, A. I. Cherkes,

B. N. Shalev, D.E. Alpern,

V. A. Belousov, A. Ya. Danilevsky,

B. S. Derkach, N. S. Bokarius,

A. M. Green matte, K. I. Platonov,

C. A. Tomili of N, B. V. Alyoshin, I. I. Grishchenko, R. D. Sinelnikov, N. S. Harchenko, 3. A. Gurevich, etc.

From 1805 to 1917 on medical f-those Kharkiv un-that 210 dissertations, in X were defended. m and. for years of the Soviet power more than 150 doctoral and St. 1140 master's theses are prepared. Since 1975 in higher education institution two specialized councils for protection of doctoral dissertations function (on therapy, cardiology, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, pathological anatomy).

X. m and. has 5 educational cases, clinical departments are based in a regional wedge, hospital, in-ta of the general and urgent surgery, occupational health and occupational diseases, branch of the Ukrainian scientific research institute of cardiology of the academician N. D. Strazhesko, the 4th municipal hospital of ambulance, the 7th children's hospital, the 1st city hospital, the 27th city hospital, etc. In in-those there are Central research also four problem laboratories: cardiological, on studying of viruses and antibiotics, microsurgery of an eye, physiology and pathology of reproductive function of the woman.

In pedagogical process along with traditional forms of education technical means, the programmed training and control, demonstrations of educational movies, etc. are widely used. In 1967 X. m and. one of the first in the country started preparation in an internship but to various clinical specialties of graduates of medical and pediatric f-comrade. In 1968 the subinternship on medical f-those on therapy, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology is entered. Since 1977 in X. m and. for the first time in the country wide-profile specialization of students of the sixth course sanitary and hygienic f-that is carried out.

The major scientific problems, over to-rymi scientists in-that work, the physiology and pathology of cardiovascular system are; health protection of the woman, mother and newborn; environmental control; age features of a children's organism are normal also at pathology; microbiology, epidemiology and clinic of infectious diseases; clinic of diseases went. - kish. path; physiology and pathology of a nervous system, etc. For years of the Soviet power in in-those more than 160 collections of scientific works, apprx. 100 monographs, over 25 thousand articles are prepared. Scientists of X. m and. published apprx. 100 textbooks and manuals, among to-rykh atlases of anthropotomy of V. P. Vorobyov and R. D. Sinelnikov, «The textbook of biological chemistry» A. V. Palla dyne, «Pathological physiology» of D.E. Alpern, «Utility hygiene» of A. N. Marzeev and V. M. Zha-botinsky, «The textbook of children's diseases» of V. A. Belousova, guides to M. N. Solovyov's epidemiology, etc. Winners of an award of

V. I. Lenin of V.P. Vorobey' steel for works in the field of anatomy (1927) and A. V. Palladiya for scientific works on biochemistry of vitamins (1929).

V. N. Shamov during work in H.m.i. proved an opportunity and safety of transfusion of cadaveric blood, for development and deployment of use of fibrinolizny blood

V. N. Shamov and S. S. Yudin were conferred Lenin awards (1962). B. V. Alyoshin's monograph «Gistofiziologiya gipotalamo-gipofi-zarnoy system» is conferred the State award USSR (1973). For a cycle of works on development and deployment of a cryosurgery in

V. I. Grishchenko's gynecology the State award USSR (1977) is awarded. L. T. Malaya for works in the field of cardiology with group of scientists is awarded with the State prize USSR (1980).

Bibliography: Medical faculty of the Kharkiv university for the first 100 years of its existence (1805 — 1905), under the editorship of. And, P. Skvortsov and D. I. Bagh of leu, Kharkiv, 1905 — 1906; Sketches of history of the Kharkiv medical institute, Kharkiv, 1969; Kharkiv medical institute, Anniversary collection (SHHU. 1810 — 1935), Kharkiv, 19,36.

V. D. Chernenko, 3. P. Petrova.