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amer. neurologist, 1874 — 1937; Xing: a ganglionitis of a cranked node, neuralgia of a cranked node, Hunt's neuralgia, a Hunt's syndrome, herpes zoster oticus, zoster oticus) — the form of the surrounding herpes arising at defeat of a cranked node of an intermediate nerve.

It is described in 1907. Khanty. Reason of X. villages consider a virus, in particular the virus of chicken pox causing the surrounding herpes (see).

It is shown by a unilateral constant or periodic severe pain, it is preferential in an ear, often irradiates edges on the corresponding half of the face, a nape, the head, a neck (see P rozopal-giya). For X. the page is characteristic emergence of herpetic rashes (see tsvetn. the tab. to St. Herpes, t. 5, Art. 320, fig. 6), localization to-rykh is defined by a zone of an innervation of an intermediate nerve (a tympanic membrane, outside acoustical pass, an auricle, a drum cavity, area of an Eustachian tube, a soft palate, palatine tonsils). On the corresponding half front 2/3 languages disturbance of taste is noted (see). Along with a pain syndrome at X. pages can be observed symptoms of neuritis of a facial nerve (see) — peripheral paresis or paralysis of mimic muscles, etc. The disease lasts several weeks.

Along with a cranked node in patol. process nodes of the preddverno-cochlear, glossopalatine, wandering nerves, and also II and III cervical spinal nerves can be involved. In these cases of a rash extend to a face, a nape, a pilar part of the head; in the field of outside acoustical pass, front V3 of language and on the corresponding half of the face the hyperesthesia, and in the subsequent and a hypesthesia develops (see Sensitivity). Sometimes at patients decrease in hearing (see), a ring in ears, a horizontal nystagmus (see) and dizziness, disturbance of secretion of salivary and lacrimal glands is observed.

The diagnosis is established on the basis of characteristic by a wedge, pictures. The main method of laboratory diagnosis is allocation of a virus.

At treatment appoint anesthetics, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins of group B, physical therapy (Ural federal district, UVCh, etc.).

Forecast in most cases favorable.

For the purpose of prevention it is necessary to avoid overcooling.

See also Herpes surrounding herpes.


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