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KHANOLKAR of Vasant (Khanolkar Vasant Ramji, 1895 — 1978) — the Indian pathologist and the oncologist, the full member (1949) and the vice-president (1949 — 1952) of the Indian national Academy of Sciences, the foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1961).


In 1918 ended medical f-t London un-that then worked as the bacteriologist; in 1923 received degree of the doctor of medicine.

Since 1924 professor of pathology and bacteriology in medical colleges of Bombay; in 1941 — 1951 the director of laboratory Tata Memorial in Bombay, then the director of the Indian oncological center (1952 — 1963) and at the same time the vice rector Bombay un-that { I960 — 1963). Since 1965 president National in-that sciences.

V. Khanolkar published apprx. 120 scientific works devoted patol. anatomy, lab. to diagnosis onkol. diseases, leprosy, to studying of influence on an organism of ionizing radiation, etc. Being one of the first researchers of spread of cancer in India, described special forms of a carcinoma cutaneum which emergence is connected with local customs. Are published by it pound. monographs, including. «Pathology of a leprosy» (1959), «Cancer in India caused by habits and customs of people» (1958), «A view of cancer» (1958), etc. A number of its works is devoted to studying of blood groups and a Rhesus factor.

V. Khanolkar in 1958 — 1962 was the president of the International anticarcinogenic union; the deputy chairman of Scientific UN committee on effects of atomic radiation consisted since 1956 the member, and since 1958. It is elected the honorary member American about-va on studying of cancer (1960) and Royal medical about-va in London.

Works: The susceptibility of Indians to cancer, Indian J. med. Res., v. 33, p. 299, 1945; Studies in the histology of early lesions in leprosy, New Delhi, 1951; Perspectives in pathology of leprosy, Bombay, 1955; The Problem of cancer in India, Klin, medical, t. 34.№ 8, page 13, 1956; A look at cancer, Bombay, 1958; Pathology of leprosy, in book: Leprosy in theory a. pract., ed. by R. G. Cochrane, p. 78, Bristol, 1959; Breast cancer in Bombay, Acta Un. int. Cancr., v. 17, p. 903, 1961.

Bibliography: Professor V. of P. Khanolkar (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Vopr, onkol., t. 11, No. 4, page 121, 1965.

L. M. Shabad.