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KEYRA ERITROPLAZIYA (L. Queyrat, fr. dermatologist, 1856 — 1933; Greek erythros red + plasis formation, education; synonym: velvety epithelioma, Keyr's disease, ulcer and hymenoid balanitis, eritroplaziya, papillary naked epithelioma, high-quality sifilopodobny epithelioma) — intra epithelial cancer of mucous membranes.

The term is offered in 1911 Mr. Keyra.

The first description of a disease was given to A. Fournier and Zh. Darya in 1893.

Preferential localization To. aa. — a balanus at elderly men, however separate observations are described To. aa. on mucous membranes of a throat, an oral cavity, red border of lips, and also vulvas.

Etiology it is unknown. Macroscopically To. aa. it is characterized by sharply limited polycyclic center of rose-red color with the velvety, slightly shelled surface; the superficial ulceration with small serous separated is sometimes noted. The sizes of an ulceration seldom exceed 1,5 cm in the diameter.

Microscopically at To. aa. find thinning and flattening of surface layers of a multilayer flat epithelium with the akantotichesky tyazha presented by preferential prickle cells with a small number of mitotic figures, sometimes pathological which are deeply getting into the subject fabric. Cells of a polimorfna: along with the small cells containing hyperchromic, sometimes ugly kernels large cells meet light vacuolated cytoplasm and light kernels of various form. Sometimes finds also more largely multinucleate cells. In the subject basis — plentiful limfoplazmotsitarny infiltration, blood vessels are sharply expanded. A gross appearance at To. aa. differs from Bowen's disease (see. Bowen disease ) more expressed cellular polymorphism, a diskompleksation of cells and absence, the phenomena of a dyskeratosis.

Subjective feelings are insignificant: sometimes patients note an itch, burning in the field of localization of defeat. The course of a disease long, years and even decades, with slow progressing.

Clinically the differential diagnosis at localization To. aa. on a penis carry out with a hard ulcer, kraurozy, a leukoplakia, tuberculosis of a penis, a so-called plazmotsitarny balanitis, planocellular cancer.

At treatment To. aa. radiation therapy is applied, the antineoplastic antibiotic Bleomycinum is effective. In some cases reasonablly operational treatment.

The disease is inclined to a recurrence; in the centers To. aa. development of invasive planocellular cancer is possible.

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