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KERATOLYTIC, KERATOPLASTICHESKY MEANS (grech, keras, keratos horn, horn substance + lysis destruction, dissolution; grech, keras, keratos a horn, horn substance + plasis formation, education) — the pharmaceuticals for outside therapy of skin diseases possessing the softening, peeling action on a corneous layer of epidermis (Keratolytic) or promoting normal cornification, providing recovery of epidermis (keratoplastichesky).

To., to. pages can be applied in the form of pastes, ointments, spirit solutions, plasters, powders depending on a wedge, indications. At purpose of drugs localization of defeat, thickness of a corneous layer, depth of inflammatory infiltrate, specific features of skin is considered.

Keratolytic means

Keratolytic means are applied at the dermatosis which is followed by excess keratinization of skin, e.g. ichthyosis (see), keratoza (see), callosities (see), for a softening and rejection of an excess corneous layer; at the squamous processes which are followed by excess formation of scales, napr to seborrhea (see), psoriasis (see), and at treatment of a hyperpegmentation, napr, freckles (see), as the peeling means. Keratolytic means are applied also at treatment of some parasitic and infectious diseases of skin (e.g., dermatomycoses) for achievement of antiparasitic and antiseptic effect by removal together with the torn-away cells of a corneous layer of microorganisms. Keratolytic means, macerating a corneous layer, can promote deeper penetration of other pharmaceuticals included in composition of ointments.

Treat keratolytic means: salicylic, milk, the benzoic to - you, sulfur, alkalis, resorcin, mercury salts, soaps, phenol and its derivatives, etc. Salicylic to - that renders keratolytic effect in concentration of 3 — 15%; higher concentration nekrotizirut an aculeiform layer of epidermis; concentration of 0,5 — 2% cause keratoplastichesky effect. Salicylic to - it is necessary to apply that to children, pregnant women and the feeding women with care, not to appoint to big surfaces. Milk and the benzoic to - you in concentration of 5 — 10% are widely used as a part of otslaivayushchy a corneous layer of ointments at treatment of dermatomycoses. So, by Ariyevich's method, the ointment consisting of 12 g salicylic to - you, 6,0 g milk to - you and 82 g of vaseline is used; ointment is applied on the affected skin on 24 — 48 hours under wax paper therefore the matserirovanny corneous layer separates in the form of plates. Keratolytic effect also Whitefield's ointment has (salicylic to - that 2,0; the benzoic to - that 4,0; vaseline 24,0).

Sulfur, resorcin (5 — 10% and above) are used for obtaining the peeling effect at treatment of hyperpegmentations, psoriasis, etc. Barium sulfide, calcium sulfide, strontium sulfide are a part of a hairremover for depilation (see. Epilation ), Onycholysinum for removal of nails. Keratolytic effect of pepsin, trypsin is used at treatment of keloids and other diseases. Resorcin in concentration of 5 — 15% dries up a corneous layer, causing peeling.

Keratoplastichesky means

apply Keratoplastichesky means at treatment of many dermatosis — psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, etc. These means reduce a hyperemia, render antiinflammatory effect, promote a rassasyvaniye of inflammatory infiltrate, render the recovering effect on epidermis, promote normal cornification.

Distinguish weak reducers (sulfur, mercury salts, Dermatolum, Ichthyolum, tar, Naphthalanum, etc.) and strong (resorcin, silver nitrate, etc.). Strong reducers in weak concentration work keratoplastichesk, protivovospalitelno, dezinfitsiruyushche, and in strong concentration can render keratolytic effect, quite often irritate skin. Keratoplastichesky effect resorcin in concentration 1 — 2%, salicylic to - that 0,5 — 2%, the benzoic to - that 0,1 — 0,5%, milk to - that 0,1 — 0,2%, boric to - that in 1%, etc. possesses, e.g.

Side effect pri use To., to. the page can sometimes be expressed in emergence of allergic dermatitis; at overdoses of resorcin, pyrogallic to - you poisonings, tar — the photosensitizing effect etc. are possible. Therefore treatment needs to be begun with weak concentration, gradually raising them.

See also Tars , Dermatolum , Ichthyolum , Naftalan oil , Resorcin , Salicylic acid , Silver, drugs ; Phenols, drugs .

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