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KELIMENESHTI (Calimanesti) — the balneological and climatic resort in SRR. It is located in the Piteshtsky region, in 20 km to S. from Rymnikul-Vylcha in the foothills of the Southern Carpathians, in the picturesque valley of the Olt River at the height of 280 m above sea-level. Mineral sources To. used since ancient times what the remains Roman a term testify to. The climate is moderately wet. Annual average air temperature 9,7 °. Rainfall in a year 705 mm drop out. Number of hours of sunshine in a year 1800 — 1900. The main to lay down. factors: climate, sources of chloride sodium waters with a mineralization from 1,1 to 22 g/l and a hydrogen sulfide content from 12 to 88 mg/l. There are also sources of low-mineralized gidrokarbonatno-chloride sodium and gidrokarbonatno-sulfate, calcium-sodium-magnesium waters. Mineral waters are used for bathtubs, drinking treatment, inhalations and irrigations. Apply water of chloride sodium sources with a mineralization from 10 to 22 g/l and a hydrogen sulfide content from 39 to 88 mg/l to bathtubs. For drinking treatment use waters with a smaller mineralization and a smaller hydrogen sulfide content (Kechulat's source, and also wells No. 6 and 8).

Formula of chemical structure of a source of Kechulat:

Formula of chemical structure of a source of Kechulat

The aerogeliotherapy is applied. In the resort are available the bathing building with ingalyatoriy, department for intestinal and ginekol, irrigations, drinking pump rooms, policlinic, sanatoria, hotels.

Indications: diseases of bodies went. - kish. path, liver and bilious ways, urolithiasis and diseases of urinary tract, urate diathesis, obesity, diseases of a musculoskeletal system, peripheral vessels, female genital, dermatosis of allergic character.

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