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KAUNAS MEDICAL INSTITUTE The ministries of the higher and secondary vocational education Lithuanian SSR — base of preparation of medical shots with the higher education and the research medical center of the Lithuanian SSR. In structure To. m and. four faculties — theoretical (1969), clinical medicine (1969), dental (1968) and pharmaceutical (1968). At in-those the group (department) of the strengthened preparation which is letting out specialists for research activity works.

Central building of the Kaunas medical institute.

In structure To. m and. enters organized in 1969 research in-t of physiology and pathology of cardiovascular System, and also two problem and two interdepartmental exploratory laboratories.

V K. m and. studies apprx. 3 thousand students (1976/1977 uch. year). For training of scientific and pedagogical workers there is department of a full-time and correspondence postgraduate study, advanced training courses of doctors on cardiology, a wedge, an internship on six specialties. To. m and. is base for preparation of theses of six other higher education institutions of not medical specialties.

In 1920 in Kaunas the high courses with medical department transformed in 1922 to un-t about medical f-volume were on a voluntary basis organized. In 1943, during fascist occupation of the Lithuanian SSR, by un-t it was closed, and before release from occupation (1944) classes were given illegally. In 1950 in medical f-t Kaunas un-that it was transformed in independent by medical in-t. In it the famous scientists — the academician of AN of Litas worked. SSR biologist T. Ivanauskas, academician of AN of Litas. SSR obstetrician-gynecologist P. Mazhilis, academician of AN of Litas. SSR and member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences physiologist V. L. Lashas, member correspondent of AN of Litas. SSR microbiologist V. I. Girdziyauskas, therapist prof. I. Kupchinskas.

For 1922 — 1940 medical f-t Kaunas un-that trained 680 doctors, 382 dentists, 148 pharmacists but only in 6 years after release (1944 — 1950) 675 doctors, 357 stomatologists, 171 pharmacists are let out.

In 1977 450 specialists were let out.

In-that works at 39 departments 28 doctors, 199 candidates of science (1976/1977 uch. year). Among scientists in-that there are therapists the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences and AN of Litas. SSR 3. I. Yanushkevichus, I. Bluzhas, P. Shnipas, A. Baubinen, surgeon of the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of Yu. Yu. B redikis, biochemist A. Prashkevichus, pathologist Ya. Lashene, histologist A. Vitkus, etc.

Educational bases in-that are 9 to lay down. - professional, institutions, 15 drugstores, control and analytical pharm, laboratory, etc.

In to lay down. - professional, the institutions which are a wedge, bases K. m and., various methods of electric stimulation of bodies, resuscitation, the automated observation are developed and implemented at an intensive care, uses of ultrasound in diagnosis, the automated diagnosis and some other new diagnostic and to lay down. methods. The scientific research institute of physiology and pathology of cardiovascular system has 15 laboratories: medical cybernetics, automatic interpretation elektrofiziol. processes, organizational and methodical with group a wedge, researches, epidemiology, forecasting and machine diagnosis, biochemical, researches, metabolism of heart and a hemodynamics, electric stimulation and cardiac defibrillation, biophysics of membranes, problems of the discrete analysis, synthesis and a research of biologically active agents, psikhol, and sotsiol. researches, electroencephalography, neurocybernetics, physiology of neurons, resort rehabilitation. Main direction of works of scientific research institute and number of departments K. m and. — creation and improvement of uniform consecutive system of scientific and organizational actions for fight against coronary heart disease. Researches are coordinated with scientific research institute of cardiology of L. A. Myasnikov of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, a number of research centers of the USSR, and also, within cooperation, with WHO. According to the program of cooperation of member countries of SEV researches on clarification of interrelation of mechanisms of transfer of ions in the course of generation of the main forms of activity of excitable cells are conducted, disturbances of a cordial rhythm and origins of sudden death are studied. For development of mathematical aspects of the analysis elektrobiol. information together with scientific research institute of mathematics and cybernetics of AN of Litas. SSR in To. m and. it is created funkts. interinstitute research group.

Problem, interdepartmental laboratories and the research sector conduct researches on an angenesis, designing of electric pacemakers, protection of motherhood and the childhood, labor protection and occupational diseases, hygiene and health protection of workers of agriculture, neurophysiology and neurocybernetics, allergology, traumatology and orthopedics, synthesis of medicinal substances. Also local medicinal plants, etc. are studied.

Since 1968 in To. m and. there is a publishing group, edges are annually published to 50 scientific and educational publications. Till 1961 «Works of the Kaunas medical institute» were regularly published. Since 1961 scientific works To. m and. are published in the periodical «Medicine».

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3. I. Yanushkevichus.