Jeanne's PTI

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Jeanne's PTI

Jeanne's PTI (Petit Jean Louis, 1674 — 1750) — the French surgeon and the anatomist, the member of the Parisian academy of Sciences (1715). Made a big contribution to formation and development of surgery.

In 1692 worked as the demonstrator of drugs at A. Littre's lectures, then the surgeon of the Parisian hospital you Rummage. In 1692 — 1700 participated in several military campaigns where gained practical experience in field surgery. Having returned to Paris, quickly took the leading place among the French surgeons. Since 1731 the director of Surgical academy.

Zh. Pti was one of the most popular surgeons of the time. It is known for numerous works on practical surgery (on surgery of bones and joints, wounds of a mammary gland, hernias, methods of amputation, creation of a styptic tourniquet, etc.), and also in the field of anatomy. The name of Zh. Pti carries a lumbar triangle (breviers a triangle, trigonum lumbale) and hernia of this localization.

Works: L’art de guérir les maladies des os, P., 1705; Traité des os, P., 1723; Traité de maladies chirurgicales et des opérations qui leur conviennent, t. 1—3, P., 1774 — 1790; Oeuvres complètes, maladies des os, maladies chirurgicales, P., 1844.