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JRZHONSHCHEVSCY Nicanor Adamovich (1836 — 1906) is a domestic pathologist and the histologist, professor (1867).

Ended medical f-t Kazan un-that in 1859. The same year protected dokt. the thesis on «About a Structure of Epinephral Glands» — the first domestic research in the field of endocrinology. In 1859 — 1860 worked as the doctor in the village of Popovka of the Kazan province.

In 1861 — 1864 it was improved abroad on physiology in I. Müller and K. Ludvig's laboratories and on morphology under the leadership of R. Virkhov and R. Kelliker. From 1865 to 1867 the associate professor of a course of hygiene and the general pathology Kharkiv un-that. In 1867 organized in Kharkiv un-those and headed department of histology, embryology and a comparative anatomy as extraordinary professor. Since 1869 ordinary professor of department of the general pathology Kiev un-that. Here he organized experimental laboratory of the general pathology in 1869, in a cut a practical training with students was conducted and pilot studies were conducted. For political motives in 1887 it was forced to retire and further the dignity was engaged. - a gleam, activity.

N. A. Hrzhonshchevsky is the author of St. 60 scientific works. In 1864 he offered the original method of injections of paints (intravital coloring of cells and fabrics) which laid the foundation for an experimental gistofiziologiya and did not lose value for gistofiziologichesky researches and in a crust, time (see. Vital coloring). N. A. Hrzhon-shchevsky's works are devoted to questions of use of intravital administration of indigosernokisly sodium (see Indigo carmine) for the purpose of studying of a gistofiziologiya and pathology of a liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, ability of hepatic cells to produce bile, and also injections of caustic silver for a research of a gistofiziologiya and pathology of circulatory and lymphatic systems.

II. A. Hrzhonshchevsky was a chairman Ob-va of the Kiev doctors (1869 — 1872 and 1886 — 1892), the president Kiev about-va scientists (1870 — 1872). He was one of pioneers of sanitary education in Russia. In 1886 organized and headed «The commission of national medical readings at Society of the Kiev doctors», and in in 1895 on its initiative the building for reading popular lectures — National audience was built.

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