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JOLLENDER Alexander (Hollaen-der Alexander, sort. in 1898) — the American biophysicist and the radio biologist, the member of National academy of Sciences of the USA (1957), the American academy of arts and sciences (I960).

Ended biological f-t Wisconsin whom un-that in 1929. Since 1929 but 1931 the assistant to department of physical chemistry, radiation biology and experimental medicine of it un-that. In 1931 — 1937 the research associate of biological department National research in-that. In 1937 — 1950 cells -

the mine Washington biophysical in-that. From 1946 to 1972 worked in Okridzhsky national laboratory where in the beginning directed

department of biology, and since 1967 was her research supervisor. At the same time in 1957 — 1966 professor of radiation biology un-that Tennessee.

A. Hollender is the author of St. 300 scientific works on biophysics and radiobiology, one of pioneers of studying of straight lines

and the mediated bioeffects of ionizing radiation. It one of the first described mutagen effect of ionizing

radiation, types of aberrations of mitoses

in culture of cells and removed dependence of their frequency on a dose of radiation.

And. Hollender studied influence of various doses of the ionizing and ultraviolet radiation on genetic material and reproductive function of animal and plant cells. He established that short-wave beams of monochromatic ultraviolet radiation depolimerizirut makrokhmo-lekula nucleinic to - t and inactivate a virus of a mottle of tobacco, and also are capable to cause mutations in fungi. Its researches of mechanisms of natural and chemical protection of an organism against the ionizing and ultraviolet radiation are original. A. Hollen-der possesses also fundamental works in the field of photobiology. A. Hollender's works are devoted of the last years to questions of genetic engineering.

And. Hollender is a member of a row American and international scientific about-in radio biologists and biophysicists.

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