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JYONSHEN Salomon (Henschen Salomon Eberhard, 1847 — 1930)

is the Swedish neuropathologist.

In 1874 ended medical f-t un-that in Uppsala, then the department chair of internal diseases specialized in Uppsala, and from 1900 to

1912 professor Karolinskogo in-that in Stockholm on pathological anatomy, from 1882 to 1900.

S. Henshen is the author of the St. 300 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to problems of neuropathology. He studied structure and function of visual pathways, proved that the cortical center of the visual analyzer is in area of a shporny furrow. Investigating disturbances of the speech, it showed that an acalculia and aphasia (see) arise owing to defeat of various sites of a brain located in the left frontal lobe. Its works on fight against tuberculosis, alcoholism, and also in the field of history of the Swedish medicine are known.

Consisted the member of Royal academy of Sciences of Sweden and a number of foreign academies, and also Moscow and Leningrad about-in neuropathologists and psychiatrists.

Works: Klinische und anatomische Beitrage zur Pathologie des Gehirns, Bd 1 — 2, Uppsala, 1890 — 1894; Sur le center cortical de la vision, Congr. int. M£d., Rap. Sect. d’ophtal., p. 239, P., 1900; Erfahrungen tiber die Diagnostik und Klinik des Herz-klappenfehler, B., 1916; Behandlung der Erkrankungen des Gehirns und seiner Haute, Handb. d. ges. Ther., hrsg.

v. F. Penzoldt u. R. Stintzing, Bd 4, Jena, 1917.

M. A. Kudryavtsev.