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JELLY EXPERIENCE (M of E. Gelle, the fr. otolaryngologist, 1834 — 1923) — the test for a research of hearing; it is described in 1881 Mr. Zhelle.

During the carrying out. lakes put the sounding tuning fork to a mastoid or to a darkness of the examinee, then a pneumatic funnel of Zigle (see. Zigle funnel ) or other similar tool serially make forcing and exhaustion of air in outside acoustical pass.

At the time of forcing the examinee with normal hearing feels weakening of a sound, at exhaustion — its strengthening to former limits; in this case speak about positive. lake. If the feeling of volume of sound during the forcing and exhaustion of air does not change, speak about negative. lake; it is observed at an immovability of the basis (underfoot plas tinka) a stirrup in a window of a threshold (most often at an otosclerosis).

Experience is based that during the forcing of air in outside acoustical pass the basis of a stirrup is pressed into a window of a threshold, causing these increase in intra labyrinth pressure, a cut leads to weakening of dynamic opportunities peri-and an endolymph and thereof to decrease in perception of a sound by the examinee. At an ankilozirovaniye of a stirrup its situation does not change as a result of forcing of air, in this regard also perception of a sound by the examinee does not change. As experience is connected with change of intra labyrinth pressure, it can be positive and at diseases of a labyrinth (formation of a fistula in its bone wall); at the same time along with change of volume of sound the patient can have a feeling of dizziness and other vestibular phenomena.

The diagnostic importance of experience is limited since quite often it is negative and at full mobility of a stirrup. During the forcing of air in outside acoustical pass pressure can be transferred not only to a window of a threshold, but also to a secondary tympanic membrane (a round window), especially on condition of bad barofunction of an acoustical pipe.

See also Bing test , Weber experience , Rinne experience , Shvabakh experience .

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