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JEAN Pierre (Janet Pierre Marie Felix, 1859 — 1947) — the French psychologist, the psychopathologist and the psychotherapist. In 1889 ended medical f-t Parisian un-that.

ZHANE Pierre

For many years directed psikhol. as laboratory in Salpetriyere, working in close cooperation with Zh. Sharko. Since 1902 de Frans directed department of psychology in the College.

Scientific works P. Jean are devoted to various questions of the general and medical psychology, psychopathology and psychotherapy; several its works are transferred to Russian language. He described a number of psychotherapeutic methods and paid to improvement of hypnosis much attention; created the doctrine about the psychasthenia (1903) and persuasive states arising, in his opinion, at psikhastenik as a result of konstitutsionalno the caused weakness of the highest forms of mental activity — «knowledge of reality». Along with a constitutional psychasthenia, to-ruyu in literature often call a disease of Zhane, he recognized existence of the psychasthenic frustration acquired as a result of various vrednost causing organic changes in a brain.

P. Jean was a predecessor 3. Freida and AA. Bleylera in the doctrine about a role subconscious, in assessment of a role of eliminating mechanisms and dissociation, but sharply divorced them in assessment of a role of children's sexuality and value of inclinations in general. The doctrine P. of Zhane about major importance of «behavior of the personality» in interpretation of the psychopathological phenomena pulled together it with wrong positions behaviorism (see). Its doctrine about «mental energy» and about its tone (tension) with which various disturbances he explained genesis of a number of neurosises is unacceptable (psychasthenias, hysteria, etc.). It caused a number of critical remarks of I. P. Pavlov which were published in the open letter «The answer of the physiologist to the psychologist».

Works: L’automatisme psychologique, P., 1889 (Russian lane, M., 1913); Les obsessions et la psychasth6nie, t. 1—2, P., 1903; Les nevroses, P., 1909 (Russian lane, M., 1911); Gours sur revolution de la person-nalite, P., 1929.

Bibliography: Delay J. Pierre Janet (1859 — 1947), in book: Grosse Nerven-arzte, hrsg. v. K. Kolle, Bd 3, S. 77, Stuttgart, 1963.

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