JEAN Jules

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JEAN Jules (Janet Jules, 1861 —-1942) — the French urologist. In Sorbonne studied natural sciences, especially geology and medicine. In 1886 received a position of the intern and worked in a number of hospitals of Paris. In hospital Necker was F. Gyuyon's pupil that considerably and predetermined his further specialization in urology. Dokt, on a subject about frustration of an urination at psychopathies defended the dissertation in 1890. Devoted other years to studying of a gonococcal infection and various questions of small urology.

In 1892 offered a way of treatment of gonorrhea deep washings of an urethra solutions of potassium permanganate. This me is wild brought Ge. Jean glory and recognition (see. Zhane method ). In 1914 in hospital Necker organized department for treatment of patients with gonorrhea. The long-term experiment on treatment of patients generalized in the monograph «Diagnosis and Treatment of Male and Female Gonorrhoea» (1929), edges is translated also into Russian language (1930).

Ge. Jean offered a number of tools and devices, including the device and an irrigation syringe of an urethra, Bougie, the portable urethral syringe, a knife for a section of the paraurethral courses, a foreign body forceps from an urethra, etc.

He was a full member International about-va urologists, the French association of urologists, and in 1918 is elected the president of this association.

Works: Les troubles psychopatiques de la miction, P., 1890; On connait mal le go-nocoque, Ann. Mal. Org. gen. - urin., t. 1, suppl., p. 165, 1911; Diagnostic et traite-ment de la blennorragie chez l’homme et chez la femme, P., 1929 (Russian lane,

M.-L., 1930).

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 1, S. 700, B. — Wien, 1932; Marion G. Jules Janet, J. Urol. med. chir., t. 50, p. 169, 1942.

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