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JADASSON Josef (Jadassohn Josef, 1863 — 1936) is the German dermatologist.

Got a medical education in high fur boots of Goettingen, Heidelberg, Leipzig and Breslau (nowadays Wroclaw). Since 1886 Breslau as the assistant A. Neys-ser worked in un-those. In

1892 — 1896 the chief physician of dermatovenerologic department of hospital in Breslau, since 1896 the director and extraordinary professor, and since 1904 ordinary professor of clinic of skin and venereal diseases un-that in Bern (Switzerland), in 1917 — 1931 the director of clinic un-that in Breslau. After establishment in Germany of the fascist mode emigrated to Switzerland (1934).

Studying of an allergy at diseases of skin was one of the main directions of scientific activity of Y. Yadasson. He developed the allergic theory of a pathogeny of eczema, offered skin tests for identification of a sensitization, established hypersensitivity to iodine at patients with dermatitis of Dyuringa that is used for diagnosis of this disease (see Yadasson test). Y. Yadas-son gave great attention to studying of an etiology and pathogeny of a tuberculosis cutis and pyodermas, interrelations between a dermatosis and disturbances of metabolism. A number of its works is devoted to toxidermias, epitheliomas of skin, syphilis and its treatment by salvarsan, to a venereal ulcer, gonorrhea, classification and a roentgenotherapy of diseases of skin, prevention of venereal diseases and social problems, related. Y. Yadasson entered a concept about trikhofitida, described a number of nosological forms, including an inborn pachyonychia (see Yadasson — Lewandowski a syndrome), allocated tuberculoid type of a leprosy.

Y. Yadasson was a member of the hygienic commission of the League of Nations, the member of presidium of the International

association on fight against venereal diseases, the chairman German about-va on fight against venereal diseases, the honorary member of many foreign academies. Works:

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