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It is FRESH Albarran (Presno Albarran Jose Antonio, 1916 — 1978) — the Cuban surgeon, professor (1952), the foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1966), the member of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Ended in 1940 medical f-t Havana un-that, worked in the same place. From 1952 to 1960 the chief of surgical department of clinic of «La Milagrosa» and at the same time (since 1954) hl. surgeon university-tsy Sala Mestre. Since 1964 hl. the surgeon Min-va of health care, and since 1966 hl. surgeon of military-medical service of Armed Forces of the Republic of Cuba.

A. Presno published 37 scientific works, including the textbook on surgery for students and 6 monographs devoted to problems of early diagnosis and treatment of depressed cases, onkol. diseases of abdominal organs, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, gastroduodenal bleedings. He developed an original technique of an operative measure concerning lumbar hernia. It possesses also researches on a deontology, history of medicine and pedagogics.

A. Presno is the founder Cuban about-va angiolog (1953); it was a member of the International association of surgeons and surgical about-in Italy and France.

Compositions: Contribuciön al estudio de la hernia lumbar, presentacion de tres observaciones personales, Rev. Med. Cirug. Habana, v. 49 p. 53, 1944; Pancreatitis agudas, ibid. p. 157, 207 (cobm. with Barata Rivero R.) Shock, ibid., v. 52, p. 129, 1947; Resulta-dos del tratamiento quirugico en las neoplasias malignas, Bol. Liga of the lake Cancer (Habana), v. 32, p. 43, 1957.

V. I. Didenko.