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INTRA BELLY PRESSURE — pressure, a cut the bodies and liquid which are in an abdominal cavity render on its bottom and walls. EL in various places of an abdominal cavity at every moment can be various. In vertical position the highest indicators of pressure are defined below — in hypogastric area. In the direction up pressure goes down: it becomes a little higher than a navel equal to atmospheric pressure, even higher, in epigastric area — negative. EL depends on a muscle tension of a prelum abdominale, pressure from a diaphragm, degrees of admission went. - kish. a path, availability of liquids, gases (e.g., at a pneumoperitoneum), new growths in an abdominal cavity, provisions of a body. So, EL at quet breathing changes a little: at a breath owing to a phrenoptosis it increases by 1 — 2 mm of mercury., at an exhalation decreases. At the forced exhalations which are followed by a muscle tension of a prelum abdominale, EL can increase in one step. EL raises at cough and a natuzhivaniye (at the complicated defecation or rise in weight). Increase in EL can be the cause of a divarication of recti, formation of hernias, shifts and prolapses of the uterus; increase in EL can be followed by reflex changes of arterial pressure (A. D. Sokolov, 1975). In a lateral decubitus and especially in the genucubital provision of EL decreases and in most cases becomes negative. Tonometries in hollow bodies (e.g., in a rectum, a stomach, a bladder, etc.) give an approximate idea of EL since walls of these bodies, having own tension, can change indicators of EL. At animals it is possible to measure EL, having punctured an abdominal wall with the trocar connected to the manometer. Such measurements of EL were performed also at people at medical punctures. The radiological evidence of influence of EL on a hemodynamics of intra belly bodies is obtained by V. K. Abramov and V. I. Koledinov (1967) who at a hepatic flebografiya, using increase in EL, received more accurate contrasting of vessels, filling of branches 5 — the 6th order.

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