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INTERTRIGO (synonym: intertrigo, Intertriginozny dermatitis) — the inflammatory defeat of skin folds developing as a result of friction of the adjoining surfaces of skin, the irritating influence of products of skin secretion and other allocations of an organism.

Reasons Lakes are strengthened poto-and sebaceous secretion, an incontience of urine, bleach, hemorrhoids. O.'s emergence at children of the first year of life, especially at newborns, is promoted not only fiziol, features of skin of children of this age (a thin corneous layer, easy irritability and vulnerability), but also exogenous factors (irregular carrying out a toilet of skin, overheating of the child, long use of oilcloths and synthetic films, an insufficient obsushivaniye of folds of skin after bathing, rare change of diapers, use of diapers and linen with rough seams). More often O. arises at the children having exudative diathesis, an allergic dermatosis, dyspepsia.

The lake is observed in interdigital folds of legs, in inguinofemoral and mezhjyagodichny folds, in axillary hollows, under mammary glands, pleated a stomach and a neck at corpulent people.

Fig. 4 — 6. An intertrigo of a rump at children. Fig. 4. Intertrigo of the I extent (erythema). Fig. 5. Intertrigo II degrees (surface cracks). Fig. 6. An intertrigo of I II degrees (maceration of epidermis, the becoming wet erosive surfaces)

The lake is shown in the form of an erythema without sharp borders (the I degree) in the beginning, then in the depth of a fold surface cracks, small erosion (the II degree), in the started cases a corneous layer of epidermis sharply matserirovan are formed, it is torn away, forming the extensive becoming wet erosive surfaces with uneven outlines — the III degree (tsvetn. fig. 4 — 6).

The general state usually does not suffer, at small children the concern, tearfulness, deterioration in appetite, lack of an increase of the weight (weight) of a body can be observed.

Current The lake can be complicated as a result of accession of an infection (infectious O.), the caused thicket by streptococci, is more rare yeast-like fungi of the sort Candida. Infectious O. differs in the clear scalloped boundary formed by a narrow collar of the exfoliating corneous layer, bent to peripheral growth, existence around the center of spotty, vesicular or pustular elements («eliminations»), persistent hron, a current. Further infectious O. can be transformed to microbic eczema.

Diagnosis the wedge, a picture is based on characteristic. The differential diagnosis is carried out with erythrasma (see), epidermophitia (see), psoriasis (see), eczema (see).

At an intertrigo of the I degree it is recommended to grease the reddened sites of skin with a cold cream or sterile (carefully prokipyachenny) vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, cotton, peach) or to powder the mix consisting of 98% of talc and 2% of Dermatolum. It is not necessary to combine dusting and greasing by oil since the dense zamazkopodobny lumps injuring skin are formed. At an intertrigo of the II degree affected areas of skin grease with Dermosolonum, lorindenm With or 1 — 2% solution of silver nitrate with the subsequent powder zinc oxide or talc. At an intertrigo of the III degree appoint lotions from solution of copper sulfates (0,1%) and zinc (0,4%), with Burov's liquid, 0,5 — 1% solution of resorcin, later to-rykh skin grease with zinc paste or Lassar's paste. Also local air bathtubs, UF-radiation are shown.

Prevention consists in observance of rules of hygiene of skin, elimination of the irritating factors promoting development of the Lake.

Prevention The lake at children is based on observance of rules of care of the child: a careful podmyvaniye boiled water of area of a crotch, external genitals and a mezhjyagodichny fold after each defecation with the subsequent careful dehumidification of skin a gauze or a pure diaper, bystry change of diapers after an urination with the subsequent dehumidification of skin, use of the multilayer gauze diapers which are well absorbing urine and liquid excrements, the use of small pieces of an oilcloth or film, and also diapers, diapers and linen without rough folds.

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