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INTERNSHIP CLINICAL — the highest form of training of the qualified specialists doctors for independent work in regional, city and regional (regional, republican) hospitals.

Preparation wedge. interns in the USSR it began to be carried out at the end of 20 — the beginning of the 30th when there were resolutions SNK RSFSR «About scientific business trips of doctors» (1927) and CEC USSR «About training of doctors» (1934). Situation Narkomzdrava «About a clinical internship» was entered by the USSR in February, 1938; it was reconsidered in 1946, 1955 and 1971.

In O. to. doctors aged up to 35 years inclusive, with an experience of practical work not less than 3 years and the most capable graduates of medical higher education institutions recommended by council in-that are accepted on a competition. The privilege of receipt in O. to. the doctors who worked not less than 3 years out of the large cities, especially in rural areas and also the doctors awarded with a badge «To the excellent student of health care» use.

Klien, interns have training within 2 years on a wedge, bases of medical in-t, in-t of improvement of doctors or in scientific research institute under the leadership of highly qualified specialists in one of the elite a wedge, specialties or on social hygiene and the organization of health care. It is carried out according to the individual plans approved by the head of department (department of scientific research institute) on the basis of the standard plan and is aimed at the development a wedge, thinking, profound studying of special disciplines and improvement of skills, and also on acquaintance to medical statistics, a wedge, by biochemistry and pharmacology, medical genetics and adjacent a wedge, the disciplines necessary for further profession of a physician in healthcare institutions. Klien, interns are provided with a grant at a rate of an official salary of doctors of the corresponding specialties taking into account length of service in to lay down. - professional, institutions; it provides the vacation equal on duration to issue of the doctor of the corresponding specialty. Upon termination of training a wedge, interns receive the certificate and the doctors who came to O. to are subject to personal distribution, at the same time. directly after the termination in-that, are obliged to work at the destination of M3 of the USSR or mines - in health care of federal republics not less than 2 years. The doctors accepted in target O. to. (in the direction of bodies of health care and departments), after the end of training are returned to the order of the organization which directed them.

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