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INTERNSHIP — primary postdegree specialization of graduates of the highest medical educational institutions for the purpose of primary training of doctors on the main medical specialties.

And. is one of important forms in uniform state system of specialization and improvement of doctors in the USSR (see. Doctor ). And. as the form of primary specialization of doctors takes place in system of the higher medical education in a number of foreign countries (GDR, Poland, England, Denmark, the USA, France, etc.). In the USSR one-year And. it was entered in 1968/69 academic year in connection with the resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and Council of ministers of the USSR «About measures for further improvement of health care and development of medical science in the country» (of July 5, 1968), the Crimea the line of further development of the Soviet health care by improvement and the maximum approach to the population of specialized medical aid is defined. Originally And. it was entered for graduates of 4 medical institutes, and since 1973 it was extended to all medical institutes and medical f-you high fur boots of the country. Since 1975. And. it is entered on stomatol, f-takh. Graduates dignity. - a gigabyte. and pharm, f-tov pass a one-year training across the place of distribution.

And. together with a subinternship (predegree specialization on the 6th course) represents a uniform form of two-stage primary specialization of students graduates of medical institutes in one of the main a wedge, disciplines (therapy, to surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, children's surgery, a psychoneurology, forensic medicine) which is carried out according to the order of the Minister of Health of the USSR and the minister of the higher and secondary vocational education of the USSR No. 730/670 of September 4, 1972.

Main objective And. — acquisition by the doctor-intern of necessary qualification and practical skills according to the main sections this or that established for And. medical specialties, mastering diagnostic methods, treatments and rehabilitations of patients, prevention of diseases and various forms of the organization of work in the specialty.

Training of the doctor-intern is assigned directly on min.-va health care of the republics, regional (regional) public health departments and is carried out on the basis of large multi-profile to lay down. - professional, institutions. Management And. in-tsakh it is assigned on the manager. departments. Methodical management is performed medical in-you.

Graduates of the highest medical educational institutions pass And. in to lay down. - the prof. institutions of those cities, areas, edges and autonomous republics where they were directed to work by the state commissions on distribution of young specialists.

After passing of specialization doctors-interns take a final examination on the chosen medical specialty, and department And. medical institute together with bodies and institutions of practical health care will organize a final conference of doctors-interns and their heads.

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