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INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON RADIATION UNITS AND MEASUREMENTS (MKPE) — the non-governmental organization created on the 1st International radiological congress in 1925, one of the constant commissions of the International radiological society combining (according to 1977) 54 national societies of radiologists and radiologists. The main task of MKRE consists in justification and development of recommendations, acceptable for all countries, on to radiation sizes, units (see), by methods of measurement and use of these sizes in medical radiology and radiobiology, according to the main characteristics of sources of radiation, radiations (see. Ionizing radiation ). On the questions adjoining to problems of protection against ionizing radiation, MKRE cooperates with International commission on radiation protection (see).

MKRE coordinates the activity with the International union of pure and applied physics, the International bureau of measures and scales, the International Organization for Standardization and some other the international organizations interested in improvement of radiation sizes, units and methods of their measurement. MKRE since 1955 enjoys support in development, the publication and distribution of the reports and WHO recommendations and International Atomic Energy Agency (see), a cut provided it consultative state (since 1960).

Originally about two representatives (the physicist and the radiologist) from member countries of the International radiological congress were a part of MKRE. Since 1950 MKRE is completed personally from among the most competent and actively working scientists representing the countries taking the leading place in development of radiation physics, the equipment and their use in medicine. MKRE consists of 13 members and has the working committees and groups created for development of recommendations about private sections of its program. In problem solving of MKRE many prominent specialists are recruited (e.g., from 1959 for 1962 139 scientists from 18 countries participated in works of MKRE).

Published results of the works of MKRE in a type of recommendations, reports, reports (in magazines «Radiology», «British Journal of Radiology», in the managements of National bureau of standards of the USA, in a series of technical reports of IAEA in the beginning, and since 1962 — in special releases of MKRE). Total number of such publications MKRE makes (as of the end of 1976) 31 names. Main of them are published in transfer in the USSR. They are devoted physical. to aspects of radiation biol, objects, especially the person (see. Radiation ) and to questions dosimetry of ionizing radiation (see), in particular clinical and radio biological dosimetry of different types of ionizing radiation, microdosimetric characteristics, dosimetric and radiometric description of sources of ionizing radiation, methods and devices for measurement of small sources and fields of radiation, and also general questions of methodology and standardization of radiation sizes and units. Recommendations of MKRE belong to metrological and methodical bases modern a wedge, dosimetry and radiometry (see) and consequently, promote improvement of physics and technology providing radiation therapy (see), radio isotope diagnosis (see), physics health (see) and other sections of medical radiology.

MKRE carries out a lot of work in connection with implementation to medical radiology of the International System of Units of the SI (see. Units , International System of Units ).

Information on activity of MKRE is published in the magazine International radiological about-va (Newsletter of the ISR), published since 1971.

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M. Sh. Weinberg.