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INTERMEDINUM (Intermedinum) — drug of melanotsitostimuliruyushchy hormone. Hormone is received from a hypophysis of a cattle and pigs. Drug represents inodorous white amorphous powder and taste; let's easily dissolve in water and in isotonic solution of sodium chloride. 1 mg of powder contains not less than 10 PIECES.

And. it is applied to treatment of dystrophic changes of a retina, a pigmental retinitis, a miopichesky chorioretinitis, a hemeralopia. And. stimulates activity of the remained flasks and sticks in a retina, improves adaptation to darkness, increases visual acuity. Appoint And. in the form of 5% of solution on three drops in a conjunctival sac of each eye within several months; solutions prepare ex tempore. Also other methods of administration of drug (subconjunctival injections, an electrophoresis) are offered. Form of release: bottletight bottles on 0,05 and 0,1 g with the appendix of the ampoules containing solvent (0,9% solution of sodium chloride).

See also Melanotsitostimuliruyushchy hormone .