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INSURANCE MEDICINE — the form of medical care and social insurance of workers accepted in many capitalist countries. Page of m it is most characteristic (along with private medical practice and private to lay down. institutions) for Western Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, etc.). The village of m is founded on obligatory insurance of the expenses on medical aid working with full or partial compensation by it from national funds (see. Social insurance ).

The page of m is a gain of workers and represents in comparison with private-capitalist more progressive form of providing working with medical aid. It cuts down expenses of workers on treatment and to a certain extent promotes increase in responsibility of the state for planning and management of health care (see). At the same time S. the m does not solve a number of large problems of the organization medical - a dignity. the help to the population, including does not provide it to general availability and a preventive orientation of health care.

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V. V. Fedorov.