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INSUFFLATION (Latin. insufflatio inflation) — administration of various medicinal substances by inflation of powder by means of special devices — inflators. Most often And. apply at treatment of various inflammatory diseases of an ear and nose, using the inflator-poroshkovduvatsl (fig). It usually consists of three parts: a rubber bulb, a glass or plastic tank for powder and a metal or ebonite tip.

Diagrammatic representation of the inflator-poroshkovduvatelya: 1 — a metal or ebonite tip; 2 — a glass or plastic tank for powder; 3 — a rubber bulb for inflation of air.

At inflation of powder in an ear insert an ear speculum into outside acoustical pass and hold it with fingers of the left hand. The right hand take the inflator with powder, enter its tip into an ear speculum and press fingers a rubber bulb. Powder under the influence of an air stream from a tank gets into an ear.

Inflation of powder in a nasal cavity is made as well as in an ear, but instead of an ear speculum use nosorasshiritel. At small children use of ear speculums is admissible. Inflation is made carefully and slowly to avoid hit of powder in a throat; otherwise there can come the laryngospasm and a severe cough.

Inflation of powder in a throat in connection with a possible spasm of a throat and developing of cough is not applied. Dusting of almonds or their niches after a tonsilectomy is only in rare instances made by medicinal powder; at the moment And. the patient shall hold the breath.

In surgery And. apply to administration of medicinal substances in a wound or respiratory tracts.

A. V. Fotin.