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INSECTOFUNGICIDES (Latin insectum an insect + fungicides) — the funds which are perniciously operating both on arthropods and for fungi.

The substances having insektofungitsidny properties belong to various classes of inorganic and organic chemical compounds (derivatives of aliphatic, aromatic, heterocyclic, organophosphorous and other compounds). Extermination jointly of the present harmful insects and fungi can be reached by use of combinations also insecticides (see) and fungicides (see) or their consecutive use.

And. apply hl. obr. in the village - x. production — at a protravlivaniye of seeds, during the processing of plants, soils, the earth, greenhouses, granaries, etc. Toxicity And. for animals and the person depends on their chemical nature and a route of administration. Work with And. it has to be carried out with observance of the precautionary measures provided by instructions.

See also Pesticides .

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