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INSECTICIDES (Latin insectum + to kill an insect with caedere) — the general name of the chemicals applied to extermination of insects.

Synthetic And. consist generally of three groups: chlorinated hydrocarbons (see), organophosphorous connections (see) and carbamates (see. Carbamic connections ). To vegetable, belong pyrethroids (see) and some other substances having limited use.

Depending on objects against which are applied And., they are called acaricides if are used against mites, larvicides — against maggots, by egg-killers — against eggs of insects and mites.

In disinsection practice And. apply in the form of solutions, pastes and emulsions, suspensions, aerosols and gases, powders and dust, insecticidal soaps, ointments, pencils, varnishes, paints and pobelochny materials poisoned baits.

Many And., being toxic for the person and animals, demand precaution during the work with them according to instructions.

See also Dezinsitsiruyushchy means , Pesticides .

V. I. Vashkov.