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INSECTICIDAL POLYMERS (Latin insectum + to kill an insect with caedere; grech, polymeres consisting of many parts diverse) — drugs in which actively active ingredients — insecticides — are in polymeric compositions; intend for destruction and scaring away of insects, for fight against page - x. wreckers, for destruction of the arthropods parasitizing on domestic animals.

Among Nominative there can be solutions, varnishes (see. Insecticidal varnishes ), paints and other forms containing various quantities of chemical synthetic dezinsitsiruyushchy means of long action. Efficiency of Nominative depends first of all on properties of actively active ingredients which are in polymers. Duration of action of Nominative is defined by the speed of allocation of an insecticide, edges depends on physical. - chemical properties, including from the size of pressure of saturated steam, and from properties of polymer.

The industry produces Nominative, the water solution of polyvinyl alcohol containing 5 — 10% of a hlorofos representing 0,5%. After drawing such Nominative on a surface at the rate of 50 — 200 ml on 1 sq.m the film is formed, from a cut within 2 months crystals of a hlorofos are gradually allocated. During the cleaning (rubbing) crystals mechanically are removed, but through a nek-swarm time from a film new crystals are allocated. Nominative from 10% of a hlorofos is recommended for fight against cockroaches, and from 5% of a hlorofos — for destruction of bugs, flies and other insects. Are intended to nominative with hlorofosy for selective disinsection of rooms at consumption rate of an insecticide no more than 10 g on 1 m 2 areas of a floor. In the wet environment and during the washing of worked surfaces the film of Nominative is washed away. For processing of animals the insecticidal structure of long action which consists of the hlorofos and polymer received from glycerin, gelatin, formalin and urea is offered. Wipe with the cotton plug moistened with this structure hair of animals.

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