INOZEMTSEV Fedor Ivanovich

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INOZEMTSEV Fedor Ivanovich (1802 — 1869) — the domestic scientist and the public figure, the doctor of medicine (1833), professor (1835).

INOZEMTSEV Fedor Ivanovich

In 1828, having ended medical f-t Kharkiv un-that, arrived in professorial in-t at Derptsk un-those. In 1833 protected dokt, the thesis, and then underwent improvement abroad. Since 1835 extraordinary, and since 1837 the ordinary prof. of department of practical surgery Moscow un-that, a cut directed till 1859 (before retirement).

The natural-science views propagandized by F. I. Inozemtsev were of great importance for the time. He stood on positions of natural-science materialism, considered an organism in connection with the environment, emphasized the defining role it in preservation of health and in developing of diseases, need to consider environmental factors at inspection and treatment of the patient and a .razrabotka of precautionary measures; pointed out value of social factors («public life») in developing of diseases; was an opponent of theories of humoral and solidary pathology, approved «live», «physiological» view on the patient and a disease. F. I. Inozemtsev propagandized «the sparing surgery» and considered that the future belongs to a plastic surgery. It made the Russia's first operation under etherization (on February 7, 1847), a wedge, the research of effect of newly opened anesthetics promoting implementation of an anesthesia in medical practice is conducted.

F. I. Inozemtsev improved teaching surgery at the department headed by it, proved need and carried out allocation of department from it surgical faculty clinic (1846) and department of operational surgery with topographical anatomy. The system of teaching surgery entered by F. I. Inozemtsev partially was enshrined in the university charter of 1863, and gained full recognition in the university charter of 1884. He proved need to have in clinics of assistants and constant interns and achieved regular appointment of young doctors to these positions; founded policlinic and for the first time in Russia used it as base for improvement of doctors.

Among numerous pupils of F. I. Inozemtsev were And. M. Sechenov, S. P. Botkin, A. I. Babukhin.

In 1858 F. I. Inozemtsev began to issue «The Moscow medical newspaper» (sovm, with S. A. Smirnov), and in 1861 based Society of the Russian doctors in Moscow (see).

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