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INOWROCLAW (Inowroclaw) — the balneological resort in the Party of Russian Taxpayers. It is located at the height of 90 — 100 m above sea-level in the flat area in a park zone zap. suburbs Mr. Inovratslava of the Bydgoszcz voivodeship. The resort is known from 16 century; the first analyses of mineral water are made in 1875; years of public authority it was completely reconstructed by hectare and is considerably expanded.

Balneogryazelechebnitsa No. 1

Climate And. moderately wet with rather cool solar summer and in the soft winter. The main to lay down. means — strong chloride sodium brines (with a mineralization of 317 g/l) with the content of bromine (41 mg/l), uterine (remaining after evaporation of salt) a hloridno-sulfate sodium-magnesium brine (with a mineralization of 380 g/l), chloride sodium water of sources (with a mineralization of 13 g/l) and peat dirt. For drinking treatment, inhalations, ginekol, irrigations and intestinal washings water of chloride sodium sources, and for bathtubs (including artificial carbonic) and bathings in the pool — water of the same sources with addition of brines of various concentration is used (usually apprx. 1/4 water volumes in a bathtub or the pool).

V I. there are sanatoria, boarding houses, hotels, 3 balneogryazelechebnitsa, drinking gallery, the swimming pool, ingalyatory, resort policlinic with necessary lechebnodiagnostichesky offices. V I. there are also research and rehabilitation bases of a number of clinics and research in-t: on cardiology (therapeutic clinic of Academy of medical sciences in Warsaw), on hepathology (therapeutic clinic in Bialystok) and on rheumatology (Balneoklimatichesky in-that in Poznan).

Indications: diseases and effects of injuries of a musculoskeletal system and a peripheral nervous system (except tuberculosis), diseases of a metabolism, cardiovascular system, upper respiratory tracts, female generative organs of not tubercular character.

V. V. Poltoranov.