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INOSITOL — hexatomic cyclohexane alcohol (C 6 H 12 O 6 ). Has 8 stereoisomers. Optically inactive isomer a meso-isonitol, or a myo-inositol, has vitamin activity and is carried to vitamins of group B. The term «myo-inositol» is recognized preferable in 1972. The international union of nutritsionist (specialists in the field of food). And. it is allocated from muscles (the outdated name «muscular sugar»). There were attempts to transfer on And. term «vitamin B 8  », earlier given adenylic to - those, however it did not take root.

And. — inodorous colourless crystal substance, water soluble, insoluble in alcohol and organic solvents. It is steady against influence of alkalis and acids, does not collapse on light, it is non-hygroscopic. Methods of definition And.: microbiological (on cultures of yeast), colorimetric, hromatografichesky.

In the nature And. occurs in plants in the form of ether hexaphosphoric to - you and its salts (phytin to - that and phytin), at animals and microorganisms — in the form of inozitovy phospholipids. And. contains in many foodstuff. Its contents (in mg of %): in wheaten germs — 800, wheat flour — 110, oranges, green peas — 140 — 250, cabbage, green onions, tomatoes, carrots — 45 — 95, potatoes, beet, apples — 20 — 30, in beef liver, chicken meat, pork, veal, eggs — 33 — 50, cow's milk — 18, beef — 11, a halibut — 17. During the cooking of products to 50% of an inositol collapses. Fiziol, role And. for the person it is a little investigated and established generally on microorganisms and animals. At deficit And. processes of phosphorylation are weakened, use of glucose in aerobic conditions decreases, respiration intensity is braked. At experimental animals who are not in diet And., growth is late, the symmetric alopecia, disturbances of motive function of a stomach and intestines, reduction of a lactation are noted, canities etc. are noted.

And. and its connections participate in exchange of carbohydrates (a glyukuronatksilulozny cycle, education d-glucuronic to - you), in metabolism of purines, in biosynthesis of phospholipids. Deficit And. breaks kinetics of transport of amino acids, Na + , K + and other substances through cellular membranes. And. slows down fatty regeneration of a liver at unbalanced food and poisoning with perchloromethane.

Experimental data indicate value I. as gonads.

In an experiment interaction is revealed between And. and other vitamins. Addition I. and sincaline to a forage of hens increased comprehensibility of a forage, products and weight of eggs. One And. or sincaline do not possess similar action. Mechanisms of a synergism between And. and are not established by nek-ry vitamins.

Biosynthesis And. occurs at many bacteria, yeast (wild races) and fungi. Synthesis And. it is revealed in a brain of dogs, in seed plants of rats, at chicken embryos. At people inozitavitaminoz it is not established. Presumable daily need of the person in And. — apprx. 20 mg/kg.

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