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INOPERABELNOST (the fr. inoperable which is not able to be operated) — the condition of the patient (temporary or constant) excluding a possibility of radical operational treatment. And., unlike incurability (incurability), does not exclude other methods of treatment (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.). «Inoperabelnost» — a concept relative, depends on anatomic localization and prevalence patol, process, specific features of a functional condition of an organism of the patient determined by basic process or associated diseases from circumstances and the nature of surgery.

And. it can be caused by localization patol, process in an anatomic zone, hardly accessible for the surgeon, where an operative measure inevitably leads to deadly damage of the vital anatomic educations (manipulation on a myelencephalon, in the field of conduction paths of heart, brain etc.). The old age of the patient, associated diseases proceeding with disturbance of the vital functions defeat of bodies which removal is incompatible with life can become I. Sostoyaniye I. reason shall jointly be established, after comprehensive inspection of the patient. And. is established, as a rule, before operation though sometimes only operation reveals this state.

A question about And. most often arises at treatment onkol, patients i.e. when surgical intervention often only way of possible treatment. Prevalence of tumoral process out of limits of the struck body, deep germination of a tumor in adjacent fabrics and bodies, existence of the multiple remote metastasises and the expressed tumoral intoxication can become the reason And.

The developed representation about And. can change depending on circumstances and the nature of the carried-out surgeries. So, e.g., the operations removing the cause of bleeding, asphyxia, etc. are carried out at any serious condition of the patient, even at agoniruyushchy and being in a state a wedge, death. Sometimes training of the patient for operation, preoperative treatment and changes during a disease can eliminate And.

B. E. Peterson.