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INJEKTOR NEEDLELESS — the device intended for intradermal, hypodermic or intramuscular administration of medicines without use of a needle.

Fig. 1. The provision of a needleless injektor with the pneumatic drive (BIP-4) at an injection: 1 — the working cylinder with the piston; 2 — a nozzle; 3 — a tube needle; 4 — a bottle with drug; 5 — the filter; 6 — the case with the power piston; 7 — the handle with perepuskny system; 8 — a pneumatic hose; 9 — a cock; 10 — the portioning device.
Fig. 2. Needleless Injektor with the spring drive (BI-3): 1 — a bottle with drug; 2 — the filter; 3 — a preparatny tube; 4 — a nozzle; 5 — the working cylinder with the piston; 6 — a scale of a dosage; 7 — the case with a power spring; 8 — the handle; 9 — a cock.

Action And. it is based on ability of the fluid jet which is under high pressure to get through skin. Pressure of liquid in the device is created under the influence of a spring, pneumatic or hydraulic pressure drive. In the USSR are issued And. with spring (BI-1, BI-2 and BI-3) and pneumatic (BIP-4) drives (fig. 1 and 2). V I. with the pneumatic drive compressed air or nitrogen is used.

And. consists of two isolated parts — the drive and system for placement of drug and formation of a stream (a tank for drug with the soaking-up highway, the working cylinder with the piston and a nozzle).

Administration of drugs with the help And. it is made with observance of rules of an asepsis. The place of an injection (under a bottom corner of a shovel, an outer surface of a shoulder or area of an upper outside quadrant of a buttock) is processed alcohol, the nozzle of an injektor is put strictly normally to the surface by skin (fig. 1), densely press to it and smoothly pull the trigger; at the same time compressed gas or a spring influence the piston which transfers pressure upon drug, and the last expires from a nozzle the squirt getting through an integument. Depth of administration of solution at And. with the pneumatic drive it is regulated by the working pressure of gas: for intradermal introduction of 8 kgfs/cm 2 , for hypodermic 10 kgfs/cm 2 , for intramuscular 12 — 14 kgfs/cm 2 . Depth of administration of drug at And. with the spring drive it is regulated by installation of the corresponding nozzle and the extender or the special regulator.

Skin after administration of drug is greased with 5% spirit solution of iodine. Injections with the help And. are painless, at them there are no undesirable reactions (e.g., faints). However at gapping of a nozzle And. to skin or at its deviation from the direction, perpendicular in relation to the surface of skin, there can be cuts of skin.

Use And. especially conveniently during the performing mass vaccination as they have high efficiency (1200 — 1600 injections an hour) and exclude transfer of «spray» infections (hepatitis, malaria, etc.).

Only the system for placement of drug is subject to sterilization in the autoclave before work.

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L. F. Bandakov.