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INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEM — the complex intended for storage, search and issue of the data containing responses to the inquiries sent to system. The complex includes a document file (texts), information retrieval language (see), translation rules from a natural language on the information retrieval language (IRL) and back translation, criterion of compliance, technical means.

Distinguish documentary and factual And. - the item of page. Documentary And. - the item of page in response to the inquiries entered into them are submitted by addresses of storage, originals or copies of the documents containing required information. Version documentary And. - items of page are bibliographic And. - the items of page intended for search only of bibliographic data on texts (documents), but not required texts. Unlike documentary, factual And. - items of page are intended for search in texts of statements (data) which correspond (or do not correspond) to certain facts. E.g., if it is required to find a formula of nek-ry chemical connection, then documentary And. - the item of page will issue the name of the document where this formula can be found, or the text of the document; the factual system will give required formula. However both documentary, and factual And. - items of page issue only that information on requests, edges contains in them in finished form. Other, higher class I. - items of page form datalogical systems which are capable to make logical processing of the stored information and to carry out a logical conclusion. As a result there is possible an obtaining new information, edge per se does not contain in a search array.

Before input in documentary or factual And. - the item of page of the text (document) is defined its main semantic contents (a subject or a subject), a cut then is translated and registers on one of IPYa according to translation rules from a natural language in information retrieval language. Such record is called a search image of the text. The procedure of information search in that case comes down to simple comparison of search images of documents to the set search instruction.

And. - items of page can be technically realized as a traditional way (a book-depository in library, the library catalog, the telephone book, etc.), and by mechanization and automation (maps with regional perforation, And. - the item of page by tabulating cars, And. - the item of page on the basis of the COMPUTER etc.).

The people interacting with system are divided into two categories: the operators servicing system and consumers who send inquiries to system.

Special case documentary And. - items of page are systems of search of the data. In such And. - items of page of the document - mi are, e.g., columns of figures, tables. And. - items of page of search of the data are widely used in automated control systems (see).

Can be an example of use of factual systems in ACS And. - the item of page of the accounting of sick, medical shots, etc. The circle of the tasks solved by means of personnel system includes reporting and statistical works, questions of selection of shots, the analysis of dynamics of change of a condition of shots, preparation and planning of shots, etc. Search array And. - the item of page in this case includes the personal records of workers consisting of a feature set (date of birth, a floor, specialty etc.) and their values (e.g., 1947, men's, the surgeon etc.). According to a request of the information about the worker or about collective can be removed from a search array.

With the advent of automated And. - the item of page the problem of creation of set of standard algorithms arose (see. Algorithms ) and programs on the basis of which it is possible to build various specialized And. - the item of page. This set makes fund of algorithms and programs. Creation and use of such fund reduces terms of development and deployment And. - the item of page also facilitates the solution of a problem of compatibility of separate parts of systems and interacting among themselves And. - the item of page.

Example of the most widespread And. - items of page are library and help services. An example automated And. - the item of page can serve the BATS system, the developed Ying volume of cybernetics of AN of USSR, I. - the item of page. Harvard un-that (SMART), And. - the item of page of registration of personnel of the public civil service of England (CMSR), honey. And. - the item of page of hospital in Boston etc.

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