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the scientific discipline studying social, esthetic, functional, ergonomic and technical aspects of formation of the subject environment and creating scientific and methodical bases of design.

AA. t. studies welfare, functional, technical and esthetic problems of formation of the subject environment, social essence, history and perspectives of development of design, a problem of its interrelation with art, the equipment and culture in general; lays the foundation of a method of complex evaluation test of industrial output, formation of consumer requirements and the range of consumer goods; determines specific consistent patterns and methods of design and art activity, defines the place of this activity in the general process of design of industrial products and their complexes; studies creative aspects of work of the designer (designer).

Great social importance of art activity in the industry is confirmed by the resolution of the Soviet government (1920) which laid the foundation for vigorous activity of the Highest state art and technical workshops (Vkhutemas) and to rapid development of the «production art» setting as the purpose to merge art with production, to reconstruct life under laws of beauty. Final formation E. t. as scientific discipline it is connected with formation in the 60th of the state system of art designing including All-Union research in-t of an industrial art (VNIITE) and its branches, industry special art design offices, numerous art and design divisions in scientific research institute, design offices and at the enterprises.

Welfare role E. t. consists in creating favorable conditions for work, rest and life of people. The greatest development got the referrals connected with creation of optimal conditions trudya (see). Production esthetics, being the section of an industrial art, develops original positions, the principles and methods of formation of esthetically perfect subject environment of the industrial enterprises for the purpose of creation of comfortable working conditions, increase in culture of production, labor productivity, creative activity of workers. In interrelation with the scientific organization of work, ergonomics (see), the production esthetics provides with sociology, medicine, industrial architecture the complex solution of problems of improvement of working conditions and the environment of the industrial enterprises.

Questions of the theory, a technique and practice of design are lit on pages of the monthly «Tekhnicheskaya Estetika» of the State committee of the USSR on science and technology.

Have special value of the requirement of an industrial art during the formation of the environment of the enterprises and organizations of health care, creation of the medical machinery and equipment. Art designing of the medical equipment and devices is defined by a number of specific factors of the «doctor — installation (device) — the patient — Wednesday» system. The designer shall solve a problem of satisfaction of two different consumers. For the doctor of the medical technician is the means of its work performing important support functions, promoting efficiency of its activity. For the patient — it is the subject environment, edges are created by special psychological climate and comfort, promotes reduction of sufferings, formation of conviction in efficiency of treatment and the subsequent recovery.

Medical devices and the equipment shall form the complete functional and esthetic complexes (surgical, resuscitation, procedural etc.) providing the speed and qualities of service creating esthetically and psychologically favorable sre-DU-

Besides, Wednesday to lay down. institutions shall be sterile, safe, hygienic and at the same time complete and artly expressive. These problems gain special sharpness at design of child care medical institutions where the principles of treatment and a game are inseparably linked among themselves.

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