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INDURATION (Latin. induratio consolidation) — consolidation of body or a part it caused by growth of connecting fabric; in some cases process is followed hyalinosis (see). Depending on the reason distinguish congestive, or tsianotichesky, and inflammatory I. Pervaya arises at a long venous plethora and it is connected with a hypoxia, irritation of a stroma in connection with continuous fluctuation of supertension in expanded vessels, an atrophy of a parenchyma, etc. Congestive And. it is observed most often in lungs, a liver, kidneys, a spleen: bodies are condensed, get cyanotic coloring. In lungs — the condensed sites (it is preferential in zadnenizhny segments) with a brown shade (brown And.) owing to adjournment of hemosiderin (see. Brown consolidation of lungs ); the liver acquires the characteristic so-called muscat drawing, and at long stagnation — a granular cut surface (see. Cirrhoses of a liver ). Inflammatory And. develops at hron, inflammatory processes and it is connected with growth of connecting fabric in a zone of the former inflammation as a result of the partial organization of exudate, development of hems in connection with a hypoxia of fabric, a sclerosis of a stroma. Carry to this group as well. at long hypostasis of fabric (see. Elephantiasis ), And. lungs at pneumoconiosis (see). Functions of bodies with the phenomena And. are reduced.

I. M. Vertkin.