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INDIGO CARMINE (Indigocarminum; synonym: Indigo solubil, blauer Karmin) — acid (protoplasmatic the coal dye applied in histologic methods of a research. In urology intravenous injections of 0,4% of solution of disodium salt 5,5-disulfindigo apply to studying of secretory function of kidneys (see. Hromotsistoskopiya ). Represents potassium or sodium salt indigoserny to - you. Blue powder with copper gloss, water soluble and insoluble in alcohol. In gistol. to the equipment it is applied usually in a combination with a carmine, hematoxylin, the main fuchsin, picric to - that and so forth I. A. Hrzhonshchevsky developed ways of introduction And. in a circulatory bed for the purpose of studying of a gistofiziologiya of various bodies (a liver, kidneys and so forth). E.g., «the method of a physiological self-injection» of bilious capillaries of a liver consists in triple introduction to an outside jugular vein of an animal during 1,5 hours of saturated water solution I., then the animal is slaughtered and small pieces of a liver fix in absolute alcohol. Bilious capillaries are painted in blue color.

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