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INDICANURIA (an indican + grech, wetting uron) — allocation of an indican with urine. Normal daily excretion of an indican makes 5 — 20 mg. Usually the term «indicanuria» is applied to designation of a hyper indicanuria, i.e. the raised excretion of an indican and its allocation with urine by more than 100 mg a day. Quantitatively the indican in urine decides colorimetric on the help of test of Yolles — Haas (see. Indican ), also other techniques are used.

And. more sensitive, than indicanemia (see), an indicator of the increased formation of aromatic compounds like an indole. It is observed at intestinal impassability, at decrease in gastric acidity in connection with a variety of an indestinal flora (especially at proteinaceous character of food or starvation), and also at obturatsionny jaundice, parenchymatous hepatitis, a typhoid, burns, extensive necroses, etc. Excretion of an indican is lowered at the insufficient use of proteins (carbohydrate food), functional weakness of a pancreas (decrease in the proteolysis), at hron, a renal failure (a retention of an indican in an organism).

E. E. Gogin.