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INDICANEMIA (an indican + grech, haima blood) — existence in blood of an indican. At healthy faces concentration of an indican in blood serum is insignificant (0,02 — 0,08 mg of %), and qualitative test of Obermayer (see. Obermayera test ) it is not defined. Usually the term «indicanemia» is applied to designation of a hyperindicanemia — substantial increase of concentration of an indican in a blood plasma — to 1 mg of % and above.

Indican (see) it is formed in a liver in the course of neutralization of derivatives of an indole. Concentration of an indican in blood depends on a state went. - kish. a path, the excretory function of nights defining removal of an indican. And. it can be caused or the sharp increase in formation of an indican surpassing possibilities of excretion — productional P., or its accumulation because of decrease in secretory function of kidneys — retentsionny And.

Productional And. arises at diseases went. - kish. a path and a liver is also followed by raised indicanuria (see). Concentration of an indican in urine at the same time is much higher, than in blood — by 30 — 70 times.

Retentsionny And. it is combined with a reduced indicanuria; the difference of concentration of an indican in urine and in blood decreases.

At acute damage of kidneys And. appears only at poisonings with corrosive sublimate and oxalic to - that. And. can arise also at toxicoses of pregnancy, at an obstructive uropathy, sometimes happens one of precursory symptoms hron, a renal failure at a primary contracted kidney. And. it is not characteristic of a congestive kidney. The indican poorly collects in fabrics therefore decrease in concentration of an indican in blood is the most precursory favorable symptom for patients with uraemia, even in comparison with normalization of indicators of residual nitrogen and urea in blood serum.

Specific wedge, manifestations And. it is not established. There are no reliable bases to consider And. the factor aggravating intoxication at a renal failure, however at hron, diseases of kidneys And. has adverse predictive value and usually points to an irreversible stage of a renal failure.

E. E. Gogin.