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INCRUSTATION (Latin incrustatio, from incrustare to cover with a layer, to revet) — treatment of body tissues salts, is more often salts of calcium and uric to - you. And. salts of calcium (see. Calcification ) depends on local disturbances of acid-base equilibrium, dispersion of fabric colloids, regulation of limy exchange of endocrine or secretory systems, on change of a condition of protective colloids of blood. According to it distinguish dystrophic, metastatic (limy metastasises) and metabolic calcification. Deposits of lime in the centers of a necrosis (a petrifikata concern to the first at tuberculosis, phleboliths, coprolites, lithopedion, etc.). An example of the second is And. fabrics salts of calcium at a parathyroid osteodystrophy, osteomalacy, a hypervitaminosis of D, etc. when lime before everything is laid in fabrics with the most labile acid-base equilibrium (renal tubules, a mucous membrane of a stomach and pulmonary fabric). Example metabolic And. local and system calcification, calcification of walls of arteries can serve as salts of calcium. Hypersensitivity of an organism to calcium — kaltsifilaksiya (see) can also become

I. I. reason tissues of small joints uric to - that and its salts (urates) at to gout (see) is result of disturbance of purine exchange. Urates can inlay the devitalized fabrics and foreign bodys adjoining to urine.

K I. also the formation of stones beginning with treatment of proteinaceous substrate (the condensed slime, devitalized cells) various salts from surrounding liquid belongs.

Value I. for an organism depends on the reason which caused it, localization, the sizes. In one cases And. leads to mechanical disturbances of functions of bodies and fabrics, in others — promotes healing patol, the center.

I. M. Vertkin.