VLEChENIYa of the person

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INCLINATIONS of the person — one of forms of subjective experience, reflection of needs of the person. Being connected with feeling of dynamic tension, aspiration, V. are one of mechanisms of regulation of activity of the person. Mentioning a wide range of touch, motor, emotional and intellectual processes, V. stimulate emergence of this or that activity and give it the general orientation. As one of forms of reflection of requirements of V. are only the initial stage of awareness of requirements and are characterized by insufficient concreteness.

As requirement and the object serving for its satisfaction is more and more realized, V. pass into other form of reflection of requirements — desires. This transition is a necessary condition of conscious, purposeful activity of the person.

Within some concepts biologizing the nature of human mentality (see. Freydizm ), V. are treated as «forces» primary, initially inherent in an organism, a fatal image from within determining all behavior of the person. Scientific insolvency of similar concepts is connected with ignoring of social factors, external conditions in determination of behavior of the person who thereby appears as the blind tool of low instincts.

Different forms of pathology of V. are often observed in clinic of mental diseases (see. Impulsive inclinations , Persuasive states , Psychopathies , Schizophrenia ).

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Yu. F. Polyakov.