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IMURAN (Imuran; synonym: Azathioprinum, Azathioprinum, Imurel; joint venture. A) — immunodepressive means; 6-(1 '-methyl-4 '-nitroimidazolil-5') - Mercaptopurinum:

On a chemical structure and biol, to action it is close to 6- to Mercaptopurinum (see). However in comparison with it has smaller cytostatic and bigger immunodepressive activity. Drug oppresses cellular proliferation by braking of synthesis of purine bases nucleinic to - t. Humoral immunity under the influence of drug is oppressed to a lesser extent, than cellular therefore it is applied as an immunosuppressant at organ transplantation, especially at renal transplantation, and also to treatment of autoimmune diseases (a system lupus erythematosus, infectious nonspecific polyarthritis, bronchial asthma, nephrites, nonspecific ulcer colitis) at which immune responses proceed on cellular type.

At homotransplantation of a kidney appoint before operation (for 1 — 7 days) daily 4 mg/kg a day in 2 — 3 receptions; after operation — in the same dose within 1 — 2 month; then the dose gradually (on 50 — 100 mg a day within a week) is reduced to 2 — 3 mg/kg a day. At emergence of symptoms of rejection of a transplanted organ the dose is increased to 4 mg/kg a day. At autoimmune diseases appoint 1,5 — 2 mg/kg a day.

Drug can make sick, vomiting, loss of appetite, toxic hepatitis. Such complications as a hypoplasia of marrow and an erosion of a mucous membrane went. - kish. a path, are observed less than at use 6 Mercaptopurinums. At reduction of number of leukocytes in peripheral blood to 4000 in 1 mkl it is necessary to reduce a dose of drug; in case of reduction of number of leukocytes to 3000 in 1 mkl blood I. cancel.

And. it is contraindicated at diseases of a liver and oppression of a hemopoiesis.

Form of release: tablets on 0,05 g

See also Immunodepressive substances .

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V. A. Babichev.