ILYIN Vitaly Sergeyevich

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ILYIN Vitaly Sergeyevich (1904 — 1976) — the Soviet biochemist, the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1966).

ILYIN Vitaly Sergeyevich

In 1927 Leningrad medical in-t ended the 1st and till 1940 worked in laboratory fiziol, chemistry Ying-that of P.F. Lesgaft and at the same time in 1933 — 1939 in Leningrad in-those hemotransfusions. Since 1940 the department chair of biochemistry Tajik medical in-that (Dushanbe), since 1945 the department chair of biochemistry Leningrad dental medical in-that, and since 1952 headed department of biochemistry of scientific research institute of experimental medicine of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences and department a wedge, biochemistry Leningrad GIDUVA.

V. S. Ilyin published apprx. 170 scientific works. Its main researches are devoted to studying of mechanisms of nervous and hormonal regulation of enzymatic processes in fabrics of an animal organism. It revealed participation of a hemolitic factor in the course of a blood coagulation, emitted purely fibrinolitic enzyme (fibrinogenaza) and showed that activity of this enzyme in blood is regulated by a nervous system. Afterwards drugs of a fibrinogenaza found application in a wedge, practice under the name of fibrinolysin or plasmin.

By V. S. Ilyin together with G. V. Titova immediate effect of insulin, and also a number of neurohypophyseal and steroid hormones on conformation of fermental proteins is opened and hormone - a fermental complex — insulin hexokinase is emitted. The open phenomenon and results of the related researches of influence of insulin on permeability of cellular membranes and synthesis of enzymes were the basis for the concept of unitary effect of insulin formulated by V. S. Ilyin on a metabolism. In works on studying biochemical, bases of a nervous trophicity it showed that the nervous system regulates synthesis of enzymes in cytostructures of body tissues, and the regulating action of nervous signals is implemented in genetic system of cellular kernels.

Under its management more than 40 are executed dokt, and the edging. theses. He was vice-president Vsesoyuznogo biochemical about-va and headed his Leningrad department (1970 — 1974); «Chemistry» in 2 prod. was the deputy editor of «The magazine of evolutionary biochemistry and physiology», the editor of an edition of department. and an edition of department «Biochemistry» in 3 prod. BME. It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Mechanism of effect of insulin, Vestn. USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, No. 8, page 3, 1969; Enzymes in fabrics of a diabetic organism, in book: Probl, medical enzimol., under the editorship of S. R. Maher-dasheva, page 40, M., 1970.

Bibliography: V. S. Ilyin (to the 70 anniversary since birth), Vopr. medical chemistry, t. 21, century 2, page 216, 1975.

M. S. Usatenko.