ILOVAISK Sergey Aleksandrovich

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ILOVAISK Sergey Aleksandrovich (1891 — 1924) — the Soviet protozoologist and the parasitologist. In 1915 graduated from natural department Moscow un-that.

ILOVAISK Sergey Aleksandrovich

Since 1918 worked in Saratov un-those at department of zoology of invertebrates. In 1921 «Microbe» organized parasitological department in Saratov in-those and directed it until the end of life.

S. A. Ilovaysky's works are devoted to studying of parasitic amoebas, infusorians, trypanosomes, and also ectoparasites — carriers of causative agents of plague. He studied amoebic abscesses of a liver at the person, amoebic hepatitis at amphibians, data about Krom are of interest from the point of view of comparative pathology of an amebiasis and experimental studying of this form of damage of a liver; and also the trypanosomiasis at camels and horses and for the first time in the USSR applied mass treatment of this disease at animals (1921 — 1924).

A number of its researches is devoted to studying of cysts of infusorians and ectoparasites, rodents, and also their role in transfer of the causative agent of plague at the person and animals.

Works: Observations over parasitic g amoebas, M., 1914 (sovm, with Epstein G. V.); Influence of a tripanozomny infection on the course of experimental plague at gophers, Saratov, 1923 (sovm, with-headed D. A.).

D. N. Zasukhin.