IGNATOV Nikolay Konstantinovich

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IGNATOV Nikolay Konstantinovich (1870 — 1951) — the Soviet hygienist, the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1945), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1940).

IGNATOV Nikolay Konstantinovich

In 1893 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. In 1893 — 1924 worked at department of hygiene medical f-that Moscow un-that, consistently holding positions of the laboratory assistant, prosector, assistant, privatdozent, professor. Since 1912 the department chair of hygiene Moscow women's medical in-that, reorganized then in the Higher medical school in 1924 combined about medical f-volume of the 2nd MSU (since 1930 — the 2nd MMI).

N. K. Ignatov published the St. 120 scientific works devoted to problems of the general and utility hygiene, hygiene of food and school hygiene. In 1898 defended the dissertation on degree of the doctor of medicine on «To a Question of Colouring by Salts of Copper of Vegetable Canned Food». In 1899 — 1905 participated in work on research of new sources of water supply of Moscow and testing of constructions for cleaning and disinfecting of water. Results of these researches were used for improvement of water supply of the city. It made the managements for doctors and students «Methods of sanitary and hygienic researches» (5 times were republished) and «Food of children of all age» (4 times were republished). Under its management it is prepared apprx. the 20th the edging. and dokt, theses. He was an editor of a redotdel «Hygiene» in 1 prod. BME, member of the committee of food of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Food of children of all age, 4 prod., M. — L., 1931: Methods of sanitary and hygienic researches, 5th prod., M.-L., 1938.

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G. I. Sidorenko.