IGNATOVSKY Afanasy Sergeyevich

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IGNATOVSKY Afanasy Sergeyevich (1858 — 1935) — the Soviet judicial physician.

IGNATOVSKY Afanasy Sergeyevich

In 1884 ended medical f-t Kiev un-that and it was left in faculty surgical clinic the intern. In 1892 protected dokt, the thesis about fractures of a skull. In 1894 was engaged at R. Virkhov and E. Gofmann. Having returned to Russia, gave in Kiev un-those lectures on forensic medicine. Since 1895 the prof. of forensic medicine in the beginning in Yuryevskom un-those, and after 1917 in Voronezh un-those and Voronezh medical in-those (till 1932).

Main scientific works of A.C. Ignatovsky are devoted to questions court. - medical examinations. He studied the mechanism of death during the hanging, described features of change of a muscle of heart and a bone skeleton after phosphoric poisoning; offered an explanation for the hemorrhages in a mucous membrane of a stomach found in the people who died of overcooling; opened the mechanism of formation of crystals of hemochromogen.

In 1910 — 1912 A.S. Ignatovsky's lectures on forensic medicine submitting one of the best original Russian guides to this discipline were published.

Works: To a question of fractures of a skull, Kiev, 1892; Origin and structure of forensic medicine, Medicine, No. 38, page 499, No. 42, page 566, 1895; Value of hemorrhages in a stomach for medicolegal diagnosis, Vestn, societies, a gigabyte., court. and prakt. medical, March, page 372, 1903; Forensic medicine, Yuryev, 1910 — 1912.

Bibliography: Biographic dictionary of professors and teachers Yuryevsk. un-that in 100 years of its existence, t. 2, page 214, 1903, bibliogr.