IGNATIEFF Barnabas Efimovich

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IGNATIEFF Barnabas Efimovich (1867 — 1927) — the Soviet hygienist, the specialist in the field of school hygiene, the pupil and F. F. Erisman's follower.

IGNATIEFF Barnabas Efimovich

Upon termination of in 1881 medical f-that Moscow un-that worked as the doctor in the Moscow educational house (till 1884), in the Yauza hospital (1884 — 1894), in Konstantinovsky boundary in-those (1894 — 1920). Along with 1886 supernumerary assistant, and then privatdozent of department of hygiene Moscow un-that. In 1911 together with group of progressive scientists left un-t in protest at reactionary policy of the minister of education Kasso.

In 1918 — 1923 was the director Moscow in-that physical cultures, to-rogo took active part in the organization, and then worked in Narkomzdrava and Narkompros as the consultant for questions of school hygiene and at the same time managed department of school hygiene in Moscow pedagogical in-those.

The main works of V. E. Ignatyev are devoted to development a gigabyte. bases of the Soviet system physical. education of children and teenagers, to studying of influence of its various funds for physical. development and the state of health of the growing organism.

In 1903 he defended the dissertation on the subject «Scattered Artificial Lighting of Classrooms».

Other its main works on school hygiene are devoted to questions of a design, a dignity. improvement and equipment of national and country boarding schools, gigabyte. to execution of school textbooks.

Works: Requirements of school hygiene at construction of school buildings and cool rooms for national schools, M., 1 902; Physical training, gymnastics, sport, outdoor games, M., 1912; Physical development of children in connection with hygiene, M., 1912; Schools in the wood, their organization and the current state, M., 1913; Research of physical development of the person of preschool, school and military age, M., 1927.

Bibliography: Gonin Yu. G. Barnabas Efimovich Ignatyev as figure of physical culture, Teor. and prakt, physical. cult., No. 5, page 347, 1951; F e of l and t and with N. Professor V. E. Ignatyev, in the same place, No. 6, page 65, 1927.

V. N. Kardashenko.