identity (person)

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IDENTITY (person) — a unique originality of each individual of Homo sapiens which is carrying out the life activity as the subject.

Natural and natural premises of development of the person, including and his unique features, the defined somatic organization representing result of anthropogenesis serves hereditarily. However these premises are implemented only in the course of public (in communication carried out) life activities of the person, his practicians. Therefore organic structures and functions of a human body make a basis And. as result of historical development of forms and ways of human activity, forming and changing during history about-va.

Receiving only a part of «program» of the life activity by inheritance, the person finds main «program» (the vital purposes) and all means of its implementation not in «device» of the organism, and in subject forms of culture, in ways and means of communication which he finds at the birth.

After the birth of people enters specific forms of communication, stands apart as the human individual and develops the I. Rozhdayetsya, of course, not a body in general, and certain, with the inclinations the child. Therefore And. the person forms on the basis of the inherited inclinations only in the course of education, and then and self-education in the beginning.

Thus, each individual of Homo sapiens is And. so far as its human essence forms as result of its unique biography, as history of his life. That is why the reasons of diseases reveal in the analysis of history of formation And., first of all at communication of the doctor with the patient (see. Anamnesis , Causality, in medicine , Psychosomatic medicine , Psychotherapy ).

In the person of the patient this person with the life conscious and subconscious, full of painfully endured collisions appears at the doctor as the personality. Medicine — one of sciences about life person (see), and it And. cannot but be in the center of its attention.

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F. T. Mikhaylov.